In December 1944, the fighting between German and American troops led by General DESOBRY was fierce. Unfortunately, American troops withdrew and the village found itself under German occupation again. On 21st December, the Gestapo searched the houses in the village and gathered twenty hostages. A German army officer read out some names. Those who heard their names were released. The others were taken behind a house and executed.

Father Louis DELVAUX, Roger BEAUJEAN, Felix and François DEPREZ, Auguste LUTGEN, Romain
HENKINET, Joseph ROSIÈRE and Michel STRAENEN lost their lives on that day.

On the Sunday of Nuts weekend, a religious service is held in their memory at the church of Noville at 10.30 am. Readings and prayers are read out and wreaths are laid at the ‘Enclos des Fusillés’ (monument to remember the eight people who were shot) and at the General DESOBRY monument.

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