For the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, ASBL Bastogne Memorial organizes the first edition of the Memory Film Festival in collaboration with CineXtra and the Bastogne War Museum. There will be screenings of films and documentaries, movie clubs and VIP events.


Wednesday, Dec. 11 : 

> 4 pm : « The Wereth Eleven » / « Survivors of Malmedy : December 1944 » (VO). These documentaries on the massacres of Wereth and Malmedy will be followed by a comment by Christian DUJARDIN on the war crimes in the Ardennes (in French).

> 8 pm : « Un mois en enfer – 24 décembre » (VF). This episode from the series “Un mois en enfer” is about the killing of civilians of Bande, Bourcy and Foy.

> 8.30 pm : « Le liseur » (VF). This film, followed by an exchange (in French) on the judgment of war criminals, is about post-war Germany: 8 years after having a secret passionate affair with an older woman, a law student attends the trials of Nazi war crimes and finds his youthful love on the benches of the accused.

Thursday, Dec. 12 : 

> 6 pm : « Searching for Augusta – The Forgotten Angel of Bastogne » (VOstFR). The documentary is devoted to Augusta CHIWY, a volunteer nurse at the Battle of the Bulge, raised to the rank of heroine. It will be preceded by an introduction in English by Martin KING, author of the eponymous book and producer of the film.
> 8 pm : « La Bataille des Ardennes » (VF). This film presents the Battle of the Bulge seen from the 2 camps by 2 officers: Lieutenant-Colonel KILEY for the Allies and Colonel HESSLER for Nazi Germany. Christian DUJARDIN, author passionate of military history, will ensure a critical look at the film (in French).

Friday, Dec. 13 : Soirée Tapis rouge

> 6.30 pm : « Band of Brothers – Bastogne » (VOstFR). This episode of the famous series created by Tom HANKS and Steven SPIELBERG follows  Doc ROE, a nurse who tries, at the risk of his life, to bring first aid to the soldiers of the Easy Company (101st Airborne), entrenched in the Fox Holes of Jacques Wood. Shane Taylor (Doc Roe) and Matthew Leitch (Floyd Talbert), actors from the series will be present (in French/English).

> 8 pm : Walking Dinner in the Museum. Cocktail dinner with actors and veterans at the Bastogne War Museum. ! Soirée Tapis rouge ONLY ON RESERVATION !

Saturday, Dec. 14 :  

> 7 pm : « Band of Brothers – The Breaking Point » (VOstFR). This episode of the famous series explores the challenges faced by the Easy Company at the Siege of Bastogne. The cold, artillery fire and numerous casualties pushed her to her breaking point. The attack of Foy is also at the heart of the action.
> 9.30 pm : « Battleground – Bastogne » (VOstFR). The Woods around Bastogne: a group of soldiers from the 101st Airborne battles against the Germans. During this foggy and snowy winter, each of the two camps will have to keep the morale to continue to fight. It will be followed by a commentary on the history of this film released in the aftermath of the War, in 1949, and places more emphasis on the psychology and morale of the troops than on the facts of arms and war heroism.

Sunday, Dec. 15 : 

6 pm : « PATTON » (VF) and 8 pm : « PATTON » (VOstFR). In 1943, General PATTON was sent to Tunis in order to resume a difficult situation, the US army had difficulty to take the step on the German Afrikakorps. He continued the successes but refused to leave the laurels of his victory to Marshal MONTGOMERY, of the British armed forces. He is then relieved of his command and will have to wait several months before finding himself at the head of a division. This film is therefore a portrait of the famous General, a fascinating man of War.


> 5€ per session

> Pass all sessions (except the Soirée Tapis rouge) : 15€

> Soirée Tapis rouge : 75€ (meals and drinks included) AND RESERVATION REQUIRED


> CineXtra Bastogne (Rue Gustave DELPERDANGE, 1 – 6600 BASTOGNE)

> Bastogne War Museum (Colline du Mardasson, 5 – 6600 BASTOGNE)

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